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 Monday, March 2, 2015

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Brian Mooney, trail administrator,

Amana Colonies Recreation Trail (Kolonieweg)

• The Kolonieweg, or Colony Way, is a 3.1 mile trail connecting the villages of Amana and Middle Amana. Most of the trail is paved, but a small portion is gravel. See the Map link above for detailed information.

• The trail offers scenic views of pastures, farmland and the surrounding countryside. The trail is also home to numerous plants and animals. See the Points of Interest below to learn these features of the trail.

• The village of East Amana and the Amana Colonies Golf Course are also accessible via a marked bike route. See the above Map link for the trail’s complete route.

• Parking is available at two locations along the trail. Along Highway 220 between Middle Amana and Amana parking and picnic spots are available at the Lily Lake. The recently restored Amana Depot in the village of Amana serves as the trail head for the Kolonieweg, provides parking and seasonal restrooms.

Points of Interest

• The Mill Race is an almost 7 mile canal that runs from an area west of West Amana to Amana. Using water diverted from the Iowa River, the Mill Race was originally built to power the communal Amana Colonies’ factories in Middle Amana and Amana. Today the Mill Race supports numerous species of wildlife and generates hydro-electric power at a station located near the Amana Woolen Mill.

• The Lily Lake is a wonderful habitat for a variety of birds in different seasons, including geese, pelicans, herons, ducks and bald eagles. Other creatures that call the Lily Lake area home are frogs, turtles, muskrats, snakes, and even beavers. Of course a wide variety of plants are found within and around the Lily Lake, including American Lotus water lily which can bloom anytime from mid-July to early August. Another notable is the Arrowhead plant, which grows along side the lilies.Both species are native to the area.

• Parallel to the Lily Lake is a re-established prairie containing a wide variety of native plants reintroduced to the area. It contains plants and grasses native to Iowa and changes with the seasons.

• The Amana Depot which now serves as a trail head for the Kolonieweg was once a stop for the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. The depot was built in 1883, when railway service came to the village of Amana. The depot’s unusual color, orange, is the traditional color used by the CMSPP Railroad.

Trail Etiquette

*Motorized vehicles (including snowmobiles and ATVs) are prohibited from using the trail.
*Please wear a bike helmet.
*Go with the flow! Stay to the right.
*Allow faster moving bikers and walkers to pass on your left.
*Signal turns and stops, announce yourself when passing someone on the trail.
*When stopping on the trail, step aside so others can pass you safely.
*Please clean up after pets if necessary and please keep pets on leashes.

Please respect property owners’ land - do not litter or disturb livestock or wildlife.

Kolonieweg use is monitored by volunteers and the local law enforcement officials.